Thursday, October 19, 2017

October Horror Movie Challenge - The Babysitter (2017)

Synopsis: Nerdy Cole soon discovers that his hot, but nerdy babysitter, Bee is involved in a satanic cult and must fend for his life.

The Good:  This movie has a beautiful and funny cast. I literally laughed out loud way more then I expected too. Cole and Bee's relationship feels right and sweet. Cole is a great protagonist and it's cool to see mature (due to the crazy circumstances he's put in). Robbie Ammel's Max was my favourite character. He was just hot and insane. He had the best lines. Also, it was great to see Ken Marino as a non-douche bag character.

The Bad: There was some definite juvenile humor, but as I've said several times, I don't look to horror movies for high brow humor. Bee's friends were kind of annoying, but that's not a deal breaker (and was intentional).

Final Thoughts: This is a fun horror comedy. It just debuted last Friday on Netflix.

In Your Game: 

In Slashers & Victims Light, I'd say that Max would be equivalent of a Slasher In Training. The other cult members might be Horror Movie Fanatics or tbh, even bystanders.

New To Me Movies Watched: 18
Total Movies Watched: 29

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

October Horror Movie Challenge - Cold Prey (2006)

Synopsis: Five 20 somethings decide to take a snowboarding trip. One of them gets hurt and they're forced to take shelter in an abandoned hotel. The hotel has a dark history, one they will soon confront.

The Good: This movie has the classic slasher movie characters, but they're all really likable and you really want them to make it (even though they obviously all don't). The setting is gorgeous and formidable.  

The Bad: The movie has a slow start, but I expect that from slasher flicks. Also, if you don't like subtitles, avoid this one.

Final Thoughts: I think this is one of the best slasher flicks of the past 20 years or so.

In Your Game: 

The Mountain Man

AC 7 [12]   HD: 5    Attacks: Weapon (1d6+2 Move: 12 Special: Immune to cold damage. Ignores they first point of damage dealt by every attack.

Weakness: His affinity for the cold has made the Mountain Man more susceptible to heat and fire attacks. He takes and extra 1d3 points of damage from attacks involving heat and flames.

New To Me Movies Watched: 17
Total Movies Watched: 28

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

October Horror Movie Challenge - Dawn of the Dead (2004)

Synopsis: When a zombie outbreak happens, survivors decide to hole up in a local mall.

The Good: For a zombie flick, I think the acting in this one is quite solid. I actually either legitimately cared about cast members or just really wanted to see them dead. I think that's needed for a good horror flick. Another good thing about this movie is that it's bloody and dark, but has some great moments of levity. It also has one of the greatest covers of all time. Listen to it here

The Bad: I don't like fast zombies. It's a personal preference, but they're just not my thing.

Final Thoughts: This one is weird for me. Zack Snyder directed it and I don't typically like his stuff. I normally don't dig remakes. Also, I don't like fast zombies. All that being said, this is one of my favourite zombie flicks. It's not my number one favourite, but is in the top 10. 

In Your Game: 

Fast Zombies

AC 7 [12]   HD: 2    Attacks: bite (1d6) Special: Immune to sleep, charm, infection Move: 12

Anyone bitten by a fast zombie will become one upon death, unless their brain is destroyed. Every day a character is infected they must making a saving throw at the start of the day. If they fail, their maximum hit points is permanently lowered by 1d3 hit points.

New To Me Movies Watched: 17
Total Movies Watched: 27

Night of the Slashers

I'm not the only one with slashers on the mind recently. +Rafael Chandler has a new slasher novel, Mask Beneath Her Face. You can pick up the ebook here and print copies will be available soon. Personally, I'm waiting on a print copy.

As a tie-in, he's released a new OSR mini-sourcebook called, Night of the Slashers. This is a neat little product. It has four new classes (Athlete, Loner, Prep, and Rebel), rules for setting traps, a really cool drop table for random encounters, and a slasher creation table.  The pdf ends with a sample of Mask Beneath Her Face. Oh did I mention all of this is free?

I've talked about my love for Rafael's work before. I can't wait to read the novel and Night of the Slashers is really interesting too. He's a cool gent and if your a gorehound too, you need to check this out.


Also don't forget my free slasher game, Slashers & Victims Light, is also available if you wish to play out events like Mask Beneath Her Face and the Night of the Slashers.

Monday, October 16, 2017

October Horror Movie Challenge - Friday the 13th Part 3 (1982)

Synopsis: This film picks up right after the events of Friday the 13th Part 2. Jason steals some clothes, kills a couple of store owners, and finds a new group of young sinning adults to kill.

The Good:  Like part 2 this is a good 'ol fashioned 80's slasher. None of the kills are particularly spectacular, but there are some really good ones.

The Bad: This movie was made for 3D and the gags are pretty damn cheesy. It's even weirder when you don't watch it in 3D.

Final Thoughts: This Friday the 13th has my favourite victim of the series, Sheldon "Shelley" Finkelstein. Shelley is a nerdy clown, into horror, and chubby. He's also the reason Jason has the hockey mask.

In Your Game: The Relentless Stalker for Slashers & Victims Light is essentially this version of Jason Vorhees. That being said I've decided to add a new item for S&V Light. 

Shelley's Mask
The hockey mask worn by Jason (taken from Shelley Finkelstein) has been imbued with dark energies. The individual wearing it recieves a -1[+1] bonus to AC. However, it whispers dark things in their ears, which scream when the mask is removed (stunning the wearer for 1d3 rounds or until they're attacked).

New To Me Movies Watched: 17
Total Movies Watched: 26

October Horror Movie Challenge - Friday the 13th Part 2 (1981)

Synopsis: Counselor Paul has decided to create a camp counselor training course at Camp Crystal Lake. Soon he and his counselors find themselves being stalked by Jason Vorhees!

The Good: There are some really good and memorable kills in this one. Some are played for laughs, others have nice gore. 

The Bad: This movie has one of the confusing "did it happen" endings. Seriously, not even the actor that played Paul knows if his character survived.

Final Thoughts: This is our first really taste of Jason Vorhees and it's a classic. You should check out this 13 fun facts about it. I'm going to be honest, some of them surprised me.

In Your Game: If you're wanting to include this version of Jason in your Slashers & Victims Light game, this version of him was the inspiration for the Relentless Stalker.

New To Me Movies Watched: 17
Total Movies Watched: 25

Quench Your Dark Bloody Thirst!

The high priest of Cthulhu, +Venger Satanis, has another fantastic stand alone game that comes a warmer color. I was provided with a review copy.

Blood Dark Thirst is a new rules light game of vampiric awesomeness. System-wise it uses the V6 system that all of Venger's other games use, which is really cool because his other horror releases, particularly The Outer Presence, A Green Jewel They Must Possess, and His Flesh Becomes My Key, can serve as good inspiration for Blood Dark Thirst adventures. I already have some ideas for a certain green jewel.

Character creation is really simple, but makes a lot of sense. You pick some things you're good at and some things you're bad at. If you're good at something you roll 3 dice, if you're bad at something you get 1. For everything else, 2 is the standard. You also pick three flaws which come into play during certain instances. Other than that you flesh out who you are, how you act, and when you were turned.

Actions play out just like they do in Alpha Blue and Venger's other games. The difference here is that you're a vampire which comes with cool powers, immunities, and unfortunately drawbacks. The powers are pretty interesting. All vampires get the classic strong/fast/charming abilities, but then you get unique powers every level. My favourite is the aptly named Subspecies which lets you make little demons like Radu from the movie of the same name. Other vampiric rules you might expect from a vamp game (such as vampiric slaves and blood bonds) are here too.

The pdf ends with a short outline introductory scenario. The party all reside in the same rundown house (which I imagine is a lot like the house in What We Do In the Shadows).  They find a note from a high ranking vampire in the city telling them to get the fuck out. Is it real? Is it a prank? Do they flee? Do they kill the bastard before they can have him killed? That's up to you and your group.

The artwork is appropriate and appealing. I have a thing for blasphemy, so I love the monstrous nun on the cover.

If you can't tell, I really like Blood Dark Thirst and I think you will too. Do you want to play a game that lets you relive your glory days of classic Vampire: The Masquerade but without all of the overdone metaplot? Never played a vampire game, but have always wanted to be Michael or David from The Lost Boys?  This is the game for you.

I might start post some weekly or bi-weekly vampire content for it based on movies, video games, and literature. Blood Dark Thursday has a nice ring to it...